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feir_verdenen's Journal

Ty Smith
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35mm cameras, a greater meaning, akira, allan moyle, american beauty, amélie, angels, army of darkness, art, bagpipers, beauty, being human, bliss, bob dylan, bruce campbell, bruce lee, calvin and hobbes, catcher in the rye, celtic mythology, celtic tales, christian slater, clouds, compassion, conan 'o brian, courage, dancing the night away, daoism, dawn, die hard, dire straits, dondero, dreams, empire records, everclear, evil dead, evil dead 2, faith, fellowship, fidelity, fight club, fighting with zombies, final fantasy, finding my voice, finding your voice, flintstones vitamins, folk tales, forgiveness, freedom, freedom of choice, friends, garden state, get fuzzy, gin blossoms, god, gold bond, goodness, happiness, harmony, healing, heaven, helping people, heroes, heroics, hideo kojima, hope, humility, intellectual conversation, israel kamakawiwo'ole, joy, k-pax, keller, kevin spacey, kindness, knowledge, laughing, life, listening, literature, love, low budget horror, metal gear, metal gear solid 2, mitch albom, moby, modest mouse, movies, music, passion, peace, philosophy, poetry, prophets, psychology, pulp fiction, pump up the volume, rain, random acts of kindness, reading, reducing my lj interests, religion, romance, rubber band wars, sam and max, scotland, shaun of the dead, single serving friends, sitting on the roof, sleeping, social movement, solitude, spirituality, spring, spring board zombies, stop-motion, sublime, sunrises, the 80's, the cure, the princess bride, the tick, the world, thinking, thought, thunder storms, twilight, tyler durden, u2, understanding, video games, virtues, waking life, water, whittier, william wallace, wind, windy nights, wisdom, wit